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I Don’t Want To See the Welcome Screen upon Start Up

Dreamweaver is one of the very popular web development tools that is available for the use of professionals, amateurs and beginners. The functionalities that are provided by the Adobe Dreamweaver application are very obtuse in range. Dreamweaver also contains many functions that are not that important while implementation.

Dreamweaver has a startup screen. When you initialize the Dreamweaver program from the Start menu of your computer, the welcome window appears which describes some user information and loading preferential processes. This welcome screen is a process that is not of quite relevance and importance.

This start up screen also requires some execution time and compile processes. If this start screen is eliminated from the start up, you will observe quicker startups and abstract initialization.
When you initialize the Dreamweaver program, you may also not want to display your details to other viewers, and you may need to remove the startup instance welcome window.

If you also wish to remove the startup screen from your Dreamweaver, you can do so by following the below described procedure:

  1. Initialize the Dreamweaver program from the Start menu, using any account privileges,

  2. On the main program’s interface window, select Edit.

  3. From the drop-down list that appears, select Preferences.

  4. On the Preferences window that opens up, select General from the category list situated in
    the right pane.

  5. On the window, uncheck the Show Welcome Screen checkbox, after the Document options section.

  6. Restart the Dreamweaver program.

  • Now when the Dreamweaver program initializes, you will not view the welcome screen that you usually do when the program used to initialize earlier. Removing the welcome screen could be your prime privileges because you do not want to disclose your personal information while the program opens up.

    Adobe has implemented this welcome screen almost on all of their programs. This may be the organizations style of operation. You can view this welcome screen on popular Adobe creations like Photoshop and Adobe reader. You can also remove the welcome screens on such programs by following the above described basic steps.

    Note: if you’re removing the welcome screen on your Dreamweaver, but your computer is low on performance. Then you may experience that the systems hangs up for a certain time upon initialization where the time is equal to the time the welcome screen used to appear.

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