How to fully shut down Windows 8 (and 8.1)

Windows 8 Shutdown
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As you may already know, Windows 8 uses a technology to "hibernate" your current session on shutdown, which makes it really quick to start your computer after a shutdown. This "hybrid shutdown" only happens if you shut down the system the normal way (Either by the 'Charms bar' or e.g. on the 'Metro UI icon in the lower left corner). But if you want to shut down Windows 8 entirely, there is an easy way! Why would you want to do that?
For example, If you want to boot from something else, e.g. a CD, than, you'll need this.

So let's get to it, it's really simple.

1. Press [Windows key + R] on your keyboard (This opens the "Run" box)

((Sorry, my system language is Hungarian, ignore that))

2. Type: "cmd" (Wihout quotation marks of course)

3. In the new window, type: "shutdown -s -t 00 (Without quotation marks of course)

(("-s" goes for shutdown type, if you type "-l", the system will log out for example; 00 is the time before shutdown))

4. You are done :) The system should nicely shut down now.