How to make awesome Windows 8 (and 8.1) tiles

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Have you ever pinned a program to the new Windows 8 METRO tile screen and got something like this: ?

If you don't like these kind of icons, and want something like this:

Then just follow this simple guide!

1. You'll need a software called "OblyTile". [DOWNLOAD]

2. Once you've downloaded it, just run it

You'll get something like this:

((Except you won't have those stuff on the right))

3. Now type a name for your tile

4. Now select your program path (For the ".exe" file)

5. Now select the tile image. [HERE] is a pack full of tiles.

7. Click "Create Tile"

8. You are basically done! You can now see your new tile in the right side of the screen, and you can review the tile on your METRO screen. Congratulations! :)