How Do I Set Up My Computer With Dual Boot in Windows 8?

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A dual boot computer is the one that has two operating systems installed in it, and the boot screen allows the users to select any one operating system from the available list to boot the computer.

In order to make a computer dual boot, it is recommended that the older version of Windows should be installed prior to installing the newer version of the operating system. For example, if a computer is to be made dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 7 must be installed before starting the installation process of Windows 8.

The right process of doing so is to install Windows 7 using the bootable installation media. Once Windows 7 is successfully installed, the installation of Windows 8 should be initiated from within the Windows 7 operating system itself.

Although the two operating systems participating in the dual boot computer can be installed on the different volumes of a common hard disk drive, it is strongly recommended that the computer should have at least two hard disk drives installed in it, and each version of Windows operating system should be installed on a separate hard disk drive.

Apart from using two Microsoft-based operating systems to make a computer dual boot, many times the combination of non-Microsoft and Microsoft-based OS are also installed on the computer. An example for such dual boot environment can be a computer having Red Hat Linux and Windows 8 installed on two different hard disk drives of the same computer.

How to Set Up a Computer with Dual Boot in Windows 8?

In order to set up

  • Start the Windows 7 computer on which Windows 8 is to be set up in a dual mode environment.
  • Enter into the BIOS setup and configure the system to boot from CD/DVD.
  • Save the modified settings in BIOS and reboot the computer.
  • Insert Microsoft Windows 8 bootable installation DVD into the optical media drive (CD/DVD Drive).
  • When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to boot the computer from DVD support.
  • On the Install Windows box, click Next.
  • On the next box, click Install now.
  • On the License terms page, check I accept the license terms checkbox, and click Next.
  • On Which type of installation do you want page, click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option.
  • On Where do you want to install Windows page, click to select the partition on which Windows 8 is to be installed. (Partition 3 in this demonstration)Note: Users must select the different hard disk partition other than 1 (System Reserved Partition) and 2 (Windows 7 partition), to install Windows 8.
  • Once selected, click Next to start the Windows 8 installation in dual boot environment.