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How to make Boot-able pen-drive for windows 7

This Tutorial addresses:
  • Windows 7
  • Bootable Usb
  • Boot
  • Command Prompt
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I will give you a step-by-step tutorial for create Boot-able Pen Drive for Windows 7. As many of people face a problem when they have no DVD Drive or in the latest Net-books there are no DVD Drive. so if at that time if you want to install Windows 7 so you can use the USB Pen-drive as your boot option.

Note: First thing you have to check that your BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is Supports the Boot from USB or not, you
You remember, when you start your computer, at that time one option is come press <f2> or <f8> to boot option then make first boot from removable device

If it is not Support then this tutorial is not work for you.
But, don't worry, now a days, all BIOS have this option.

Step-by-step Tutorial for Create Boot-able Pen Drive for Windows 7.

Step 1: Open Start menu and type cmd and Right click on cmd and click on Run as Administrator.

Step 2: now black screen is open and write diskpart and press Enter.

Step 3: Type list disk and press Enter

Step 4: Type select disk number where number is your pen drive disk number. You can identify easily by size of your pendrive. for eg. in the below picture select disk 1

Step 5: type clean and press Enter

Step 6: Type create partition primary and press Enter

Step 7: Type select partition 1 and Press Enter

Step 8: Type active and press Enter

Step 9: now you are ready to Format Drive so you have to Type format fs=ntfs or if you want to format Quickly so Type foramt fs=ntfs QUICK and press Enter

Step 10: Type assign and press Enter

Step 11: type Exit and press Enter or close the Command Prompt Window

Step 12: now Insert or Mount the Windows 7 DVD and Copy the that DVD into the pen drive

Below photo Full picture for this Tutorial.

Congratulations. your pendrive is bootable now.

Now, copy your windows 7 CD content in this disk and reboot your computer, windows 7 installation is started automatically.

Note: Don't copy whole CD File like .iso file or .nrg file. First open this type of file in any CD Read/write software like powerISO or anything you use, then copy it's content and paste as it is, don't make any new folder or fiel.

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