How to Determine How Much of Your CPU That Your Computer Is Using

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Ever wonder how much RAM that your computer actually uses when performing various tasks or how much of your CPU's capacity that is being utilized? This can be valuable knowledge when deciding whether you have an adequate amount of RAM installed for your particular needs and tasks. It can also help determine if your current CPU is up to the task at hand. Finding out this information is easier than you thought!

In Windows 7: Right click on the Task Bar at the bottom of your page. Below is a screenshot of the desktop showing the taskbar at the very bottom of the page. The taskbar is at the very bottom of the page and is enlarged. You must right click on an area of the taskbar with no icons present.

After you right click on the taskbar, you will see the option to "Start Task Manager". Click on "Start Task Manager". Below is a picture of what the Task Manager looks like.

As is the case in this picture, click on the tab that says, "Performance". Once you do, you will see live data on your CPU usage as well as your live RAM capacity and usage.

Now you know how much of your CPU that your computer is actually utilizing during any particular task!