How to install an SSD!

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My friend recently had some troubles installing an SSD so I thought I would share my answer!
Skip to the end for os install!

Slot into the bay and insert any screws if necessary.

Put your SSD into a SSD mounting bracket and then screw in all necessary screws on both sides.
After that just slot the bracket into your 3.5" bay and install as a normal HDD

If you don't have any slots (like my friend!)
Just grab some double sided strong sticky tape and stick it somewhere on your case

(people usually remove their second HDD during installation then reattach after. I prefer to leave it.
First boot up and press the key to get into BIOS usually delete or f2 etc,

Set your SATA configuration (or something along those lines) to AHCI then go over to boot setup/priority and make sure the top priority is your drive with the installation media on it, then your SSD (if it only shows one HDD and it isn't the SSD go back and go to SATA priority and put the SSD on top).

Then go through the installation process and when in windows go to search and type in windows experience index and run it. If it gives you a high score in HDD (or something like that) it will be likely that it has recognized your drive as an SSD and made certain optimizations such as stopping Disk Defragging on the drive.

If it hasn't search disk defragmenter and set the SSD to never run.

Then go to Computer and right click on the ssd and select properties. Uncheck 'allow this drive to be indexed' at the bottom of the page.

Overall that is all I told him to do and this is my first tutorial so please give me suggestions on things to add and I will be happy to update this post.