Google Chrome Videos Not Playing On or some other sites.

Chrome Networking Video Tutorial
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I have had this issue and had to figure this out the hard way, so I decided to make a tutorial that will help people.

I always watch online videos on my breaks at work, and one day after a "Sucessful" Google Chrome update the videos (embeded or on the site) stopped loading, crashed, not played,

to fix it:
Go to Chrome omnibox and type in "chrome://plugins/"
Here is an example:

there will be many different types of plugins depending on what you use.
In the upper Right Corner click on +Details
one of the first plugins in the list is usually:
Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version: XX.X.X.XXX

Look at the "Type" listing and disable the one that is NPAPI (that is the non-native flash plugin that is automatically installed with java sometimes. you dont need it since google chrome has its own plugin that is automatically updated.) it should look like this

Re-Launch google chrome and try going to a video website. You should now be able to watch videos now.

{if after re-launching chrome the videos are not displaying, try disabling the other one. (disable only one at a time, if both disabled chrome wont be able to launch videos).}

{{if the ^^ doesnt help, go to and follow on screen instructions to download and install flash player plugin. once flash player plugin is installed re-launch Chrome, enable both plugins, and restart chrome. if videos not play, disable the one that says "(out-of-process)" under type. re-launch chrome. Should Work Now}}