Asus Gives Glimpse of Z97-A Motherboard

Asus Intel Motherboards
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An early look at an Intel 9-Series motherboard from Asus
The motherboard market's been whittled down to a handful of players, one of which includes Asus, a top tier mobo maker. Always on the front lines of what's new and emerging, Asus has begun sending out samples of its forthcoming Z97-A motherboard based on Intel's new 9 Series chipset (Z97 in this case, obviously), which will support Intel's refreshed Haswell processor line.

Our sister site PC Gamer posted a few pics of the Z97-A. When the dust settles, the Z97-A will take its place as one of the mid-range offerings from Asus, hopefully with a favorable price to performance ratio.

PC Gamer notes that this isn't a board that's meant to be showed off through your enclosure's side windows. Instead, it's more about function. It features an EZ mode in the BIOS, but perhaps the biggest news is that of a pair of new storage interfaces -- M.2, which is similar to mSATA, and SATA Express (for external devices). Both are included on the Z97-A.