How To Activate 2 Finger Scroll in Windows 8/8.1 Laptops

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Many times you don’t have to worry about this. In most cases, the multi-finger scroll is already enabled, or gets enabled as soon as you install the touchpad driver on the laptop. In case, if the 2 finger scroll is not enabled in your computer, you must ensure the following points before proceeding:

  1. Check if the touchpad is not broken and is working fine without any hardware faults.
  2. Check if the operating system that is installed on the laptop supports the multi-finger gestures.
  3. Check if the latest touchpad driver is installed on the computer.

10. Under Scrolling, click to select the Two-Finger Scrolling option.

11. From the right pane, check the all checkboxes to enable all the Two-Finger scrolling features.
12. Click OK when done.