How to Set up VPN on Android

PPTP Android vpn Wireless Network
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Here are few Steps for Setting up a PPTP VPN on Android.

1- Visit the Settings tab.
2- Under Settings tab click additional/More Settings.
3- On following window click VPN.
4- Under VPN click Add VPN Network.
5- Tap ‘VPN Name’ drop-down and enter the name of your VPN affiliation. This might be your VPN provider’s name or any name you're comfy with.
6- Tap the ‘Add PPTP VPN’. Forget different choices for currently, we'll go back to them shortly when our PPTP VPN created is complete.
7- Next, Tap ‘Server Name’. This name is sometimes given by your VPN supplier. It’ll be like “”. Contact your VPN service if you have not received info for ‘Server Name’.
8- You can enable the encryption here.
9- Don't worry concerning DNS Search Domains until or unless you're going to use Internal DNS Server, if yes enter them here.
10- You're through with establishing the VPN connection. Following step is to activate it.

If you have problem of setting up VPN by above steps then here is a video tutorial for setting up VPN on Android in 60 sec.