How to make Watch Dogs much more smoother on you PC!!!

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I know this tutorial is a bit late and some of you even ended the game but i did a little research not more than one hour and came up with a "fix" that can make your game run much more smoother on weak processors like me (Core 2 Duo E4600) and specially for ATI cards. I was facing a problem that is the game was using 100% of my processor and only 30% of my graphic card (Radeon R7 250) which made my game unbearable and simply unplayable and made me hate my PC. Remember this fix will reduce your game Quality on a major basis but your game will run smoother. Although this fix didn't solve my graphic card usage problem but it was certainly effective on my weak processor and i was playing with smooth 30 fps. Also since this fix requires to edit your profile settings so i don't take any responsibility if your game mess up and if anything happens.
First of all thanks to Nvidia for explaining how the game works and for explaining every thing how it works (even though i use Ati card)

So to finally start go to "Documents-->My Games-->Watch Dogs and there should be a file there called "GamerProfile" open it with Notepad under "<CustomQuality>" heading edit the following things. Now another thing you should remember is that you should always use "Custom" setting in the game and not Low, Medium, High setting because than the game would not use these settings.

1: Change "EnviromentQuality" to "low"
2: "PostFxQuality" to "low"
3: "TextureResolutionQuality" to "low"
4: "WaterQuality" to "low"
5: "ParaboloidReflectionQuality" to "low"
6: "VegetationQuality" to "low"
7: "TerrainQuality" to "low"
8: "GeometryQuality" to "low"
9: "ShadowQuality" to "low"
10: "ShadingQuality" to "low"
11: "ParticlesQuality" to "low"
12: "SuperSampling" to "0"
13: "RenderRain" to "0"
14: "SSAOQuality" to "off"
15: "DepthofFieldQuality" to "off

That's all you need to change and than save the file and than start the game and select Custom in settings in the game and i promise you will notice a drastic increase in the performance and loss in the Quality. And this tutorial is specially for the people with weak processors and ATI cards!!!