Building a gaming pc with a budget of $ 500-520 ( No peripherals )

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Akhil Potukuchi
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Alright, I just saw many threads wanting a $ 500 -520 gaming build. So I am gonna write a tutorial on which parts to buy for 500 bucks. This is my first tutorial and I am absolutely open to ay suggestions. Also, I'm just gonna assume that the person wo buy the pc already has a copy of an os.

1. The processor
I'm gonna go with an athlon 760k here. I allotted 80 bucks for a cpu. The only cpu's in this price range are pentium's and athlon's. And the athlon is the only one that can play all the latest games on atleast medium. It is also unlocked and can be overclocked. it costs 84.73 bucks on OutletPc which the best price currently. So the processor is AMD athlon x4 760k.

Cpu cooler
Any unlocked cpu without a cooler is a waste. There's not much competition here. I'm just gonna get the cooler master hyper 212 evo. It costs $29.98 currently on OutletPc after a promo.

The Mobo
As we are gonna overclock with this build, we need an a88x mobo. And we need it cheap. And we also do not want to compromise on quality. So we're gonna go with ASrock. The mobo is gonna be
ASRock FM2A88X Extreme4+ ATX FM2+. It costs us 78.98 bucks on Newegg.

We need cheap memory and none of those hi-fi rams with heat dissipators. So we're gonna get te avexir 2*4 gb kit which is going at 68.99 bucks on Newegg.

Video Card
This part was tricky. I wated to allot atleast 150 bucks for a graphic card. But we're gonna need money for a psu and a case also. So I settled on 100 bucks. The only good card here is the R7 260x and a sapphire version of this card costs 99.99 bucks on newegg after rebate. So it's the r7 260x then.

No fancy ssd's here because of our budget. Ok, so we need the cheapest 1 Tb 7200 rpm hard drive. So I'm gonna go with the seagate barracuda 1 tb 7200 rpm hard disk which currently costs $ 53.99 on newegg.

The case
Nothig fancy here too. I'll settle for an NZXT source 210 for 37.98 bucks on OutletPc.

The psu
We need a cheap 500 watts psu for room for Oc'ing and upgrades in the future. So I'll settle for a corsair cx 500m 80+ bronze which currently costs 39.99 bucks on newegg after rebate.

The optical drive
Absolutely nothing fancy here too. I'll have to go with an lg gh24ns95 optical drive for $ 21.31 on Amazon.

That's it. It's gonna cost totally $514.95 after mail-in rebates.

You guys out there can always buy a 500 gb hard drive and get a better gpu. Any feedback would be great.