A Dead PSU? - Video on how to test a suspicious Power Supply with the Paperclip Test

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Here is an excellent video on how to test your potentially dead PSU:

Note: Since this tutorial was created, new improved features have been added to PSU's to save their fans lifespans.

"The thing with paperclip test is, that while it turns the PSU on, it doesn't put any load on the PSU. And without a load, the fan doesn't turn at all on PSUs which have semi-passive fan. E.g Seasonic PRIME 650 80+ Titanium."

"At current date in 2017, over 60% of PSUs have semi-passive fan in them, either controlled by PSU's internal temperature (e.g EVGA's ECO mode) or by the load on the PSU (e.g Seasonic's Premium Hybrid Fan Control)."

Thanks Aeacus for the update!

If you have one of the newer PSU's, you can find other testing equipment such as a Thermaltake Dr. POWER II ATX power supply tester.