Save HUGE Amounts of Disk Space Without Uninstalling Anything!

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If you are like me, and have your system on an SSD, or if you are just short on disk space in general, you know that every Megabyte counts. I've spent countless hours digging through my hard drives finding things to delete to save space.

A while ago, I discovered how much disk space the Hibernation feature actually uses, and its pretty insane if you have a top notch computer. Basically, the Hibernation feature uses up disk space to save the information from your RAM while the computer shuts itself off. So, the more RAM you have, the more disk space Hibernation uses. Before I disabled Hibernation, it was using over half of my 60GB SSD, since I have 32gb of RAM. So, let me get to the point and tell you how to disable Hibernation.

1. Open Command Prompt. (Search "cmd" in the start menu)

2. Type in "powercfg -h off"

This will power off your computer, and disable Hibernation, so make sure anything you have open is saved.

When you turn your computer back on, Voila! Instant hard drive space. Hope this helps at least a few of you out! :)