Civilization 6: Greece Guide

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Greece has appeared in every Civilization game to date, and in each one it has been led by Alexander the Great. Well, with this new game they have given people multiple options with each civilization as to who they want to have lead it, and neither of those options are old Alexander the Great! It's time for some new blood in Greece, and here's who you can choose from.


The first citizen of Athens, as some history books would call him, Pericles is a true Athenian who was most influential during the First Peloponnesian War. He seems to be a very fitting choice to lead Greece if you choose to play as an Athenian type, relying more on culture than war. To suit this style of play, you will gain more culture each turn for each city state that you ally yourself with, making it more profitable for you to make alliances with your neighbors instead of war.


On the flip side of the Athenian way of life in Greece, we have the Spartan way. Take up arms as Gorgo, the Queen of Sparta. She was the wife of Leonidas, who was made famous for the battle of Thermopylae where they faced overwhelming odds against an oncoming tide of Persians and held the line against them for days. It seems odd to have her as a leader rather than Leonidas, but that seems to be the path they wanted to take here. With Gorgo as your leader, you will gain culture for every unit fully defeated in battle, which will allow for a much more aggressive play style where you take no prisoners and destroy every enemy unit you can.

Civilization Uniques

Greece rules the early game with it's superior spearmen, the hoplites. These units will gain a bonus for each hoplite unit near them, so moving these guys into enemy territory in a tight formation and all sticking together is very beneficial and should be done whenever possible. As a unique building they have the Acropolis. This replaces the theater district and will benefit more from bonuses from adjacent areas, but it must be built on a hill. If you plan on playing a more culture game, then it may be wise to settle cities that have good hilly areas near some good bonuses to take full advantage of this unique building. Their last unique is Plato's Republic. This gives them a special wildcard slot in any government type where they can have more access to more political policies than other civilizations in the game.

From the unique abilities provided by playing as Greece, you are set up well to win the game through a cultural victory, either by keeping the peace and keeping strong friends as Pericles, or waging war and forcing your culture upon others as Gorgo. If either of those styles of play sound like something you want to try, then Greece may just be for you!