Civilization 6: Arabia Guide

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With Civilization 6s new faith based options coming onto the scene, Arabia can really shine as a civilization with a unique playstyle new to the game. Here's how they are looking so far.

Arabia's Leader

You'll play as Saladin here, the first sultan of both Egypt and Syria, who lead the attack against the crusader states. Truly a force to be reckoned with, and his avatar in Civilization 6 should prove to be no different there. His ability Righteousness of the Faith will allow him to build any of his faith based buildings at a reduce cost, and once they are built they will receive a bonus output of science, faith, and culture.

Arabia's Unique Unit

Arabia has always been famous for it's horses, so of course it's special unit is going to be the famed mamluk. These will be replacing the knight unit that other civilizations get. With this unit, it will always heal back to full health at the end of the turn, no matter what actions they had taken during the turn. This allows you to take more risks with these units, knowing if they don't outright die off completely, they will be back at full health at the end of your turn anyway.

Arabia's Unique building

The Madrasa is Arabia's unique building, and it replaces the university completely. Not only does this building produce more science than the university would have, but it will also generate faith based on adjacent square bonuses.

Arabia's Special Ability

The Last Prophet. Arabia has no reason to rush to produce it's own prophet to found a religion. They are guaranteed to get the last one of the game to found a religion with. Once another civilization produces the second to last prophet, Arabia gets the last one automatically and completely free. This can free you up to do other things rather than having to feel rushed to form your own religion.

With this set of skills, Arabia is set to take advantage of either a scientific victory, or the new religious victory introduced here in Civilization 6 for the first time. If you are looking to explore the new religious options, Arabia may be the civilization for you since you are guaranteed to get to found your own religion.