Civilization 6: China Guide

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China's main focus in the early stages of the game is going to be in building wonders, to really take advantage of their staggering early game bonus. If you start the game off planning on how you want to win the game, then pick the right wonders to build quickly, you'll be head and shoulders above your enemies.

China's Leader

Qin Shi Huang leads the Chinese people, and his ability 'The First Emperor' is what really makes playing China great in the early starting game. When building Ancient and Classical wonders you may spend Builder charges to complete 15% of the original wonder cost. Builders receive an additional charge. That means that you can use two builder units to completely finish a wonder from start to finish without the city actually contributing any production towards it. This ability is huge and really helps the Chinese come out ahead.

China's Unique Ability

Dynastic Cycle is the unique ability that China can utilize to keep ahead of other civilizations when it comes to the technology race, without specifically trying to.Eurekas and Inspirations provide 60% of civics and technologies instead of 50%. This is best used in combination with wonders that will provide you with those Eureka moments for free.

Unique Building

Rather than it being a great wonder of the world, the great wall of China is now a Chinese only option. And it's a fairly lackluster one at that in my opinion. It occupies a whole tile, and any units who occupy that tile get a +4 bonus to their defense for every adjacent section of wall. It does provide some gold, culture, and tourism as well, but not enough to be worth taking up that much space really in my eyes.

Unique Unit

The Chinese unique unit is the 'Crouching Tiger' which is something between a bombard and an actual cannon. They don't have much in the way of range, but are quite powerful with 50 ranged attack power. This unit also does not require any special resources to build, so can be quite useful if your a little short on resources.

With all of these bonuses and abilities in mind, China will really excel in going for a religious victory. If you were to focus on religious wonders right from the start, there's a good chance you'll be the first to be able to found your own religion. When you're the first to get a religion, you can also be the first to start spreading it as well with missionaries rather than more expensive apostles, and that can give you the edge to contain and defeat other religions before they even really get started.