Civilization 6: Japan Guide

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Japan is a civilization who's bonuses and abilities will help keep them relevant all through the ages of the game, with nothing that really stands out as incredible powerful that they'll need to capitalized quickly before it becomes obsolete.

Japan's Leader

Hojo Tokimune leads the Japanese people, and his ability Divine Wind will really make playing them as an island nation the best course of action possible. Land units receive +5 combat strength in land tiles adjacent to Coast; Naval units receive +5 combat strength in shallow water tiles. Also, Japan will builds Encampment, Holy Site and Theater Square districts in half the time, so expansion of their cities can be quite fast.

Special Unique Ability

Meiji Restoration is Japan's special ability and it allows all districts to receive an additional standard adjacency bonus for being adjacent to another district. This means that Japanese cities will benefit from having their districts close to each other rather than a larger sprawling city.

Unique Building

Instead of the factory, the Japanese will build electronics factories. These will give an additional +4 production to any city within six tiles of it, as well as once electricity is research it will give +4 culture too. A pretty decent little bump in productivity and culture for the late game push to victory.

Unique Unit

No big surprise here, the Japanese get the samurai as a unique unit. This is a stronger version of the swordsman, who won't lose combat strength when damaged at all. So even when near defeat, they will fight with full strength.

Take advantage of how quickly you can build certain districts, and utilize that late game productivity boost you'll have over other nations, and you could easily come out ahead in any of the victory types the game has to offer.