Civilization 6: Kongolese Guide

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The Kongolese's abilities and bonuses pretty much all depend upon you striving for a cultural victory. Pulling off anything otherwise would be a tough challenge since they are so built for that cultural win.

Kongolese Leader

Mvemba a Nzinga leads the Kongolese with his ability 'Religious Convert'.Kongolese cities can't build holy sites, but they do receive the benefits of the founder beliefs of any religion that has established itself as the majority religion in that city. Receives a free apostle whenever an mbanza or theater district is built. This ability makes a religious victory impossible, and can be a hard one to manage. You'll have to use your apostles wisely to direct your civilization to whatever religion is going to be most beneficial to you, but it's really going to rely on luck of the draw as to what your cities get converted to and when.

Special Unique Ability

Nkisi is the special ability of the Kongolese, and is what really makes them stand out as a cultural powerhouse. Bonus food, production and gold from each relic, artifact, and great work of sculpture. Bonus great artist and great merchant points each turn. This means that a fully stocked museum, even if it isn't themed, will grant at least six gold, production, and food each turn. These bonuses will basically make it an absolute requirement to have an archaeological museum present in ever Kongolese city because those benefits are just too big to pass up.

Unique Building

The Kongolese get access to the Mbanza district instead of the neighborhood district. You can build these sooner than any other civilization because they can build it when they research guilds rather than urbanization. It will provide set bonuses of +5 housing, +2 food, and +4 gold. The only downside to this is it can only be built over forests or rainforests.

Unique Unit

Ngao Mbeba is the unique unit for the Kongolese, and replaces the swordsmen. This unit is not stronger than a standard swordsmen, but doesn't require iron to build and has an increased defense against ranged attacks. On top of that, it will also not suffer movement or sight penalties for moving through rainforest or woods.

With all of this in mind, you should be able to expand quickly with larger cities than your opponents, by virtue of your earlier Mbanza districts, and get your museums up and running as soon as possible and full of archaeological finds.