Civilization 6: Norwegian Guide

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Finally, you can play as the vikings in a Civilization game. Get your longboats ready, it's time to go a viking.

Norway's Leader

Harald Hardrada leads the Norwegian people to greatness with his 'Thunderbolt of the North' unique ability which allows all naval melee units to perform coastal raids. This ability can be used most effectively to capture unguarded civilian units along coastlines.

Special Unique Ability

Norway gets the unique ability of 'Knarr'. Norwegian units gain the ability to enter ocean tiles after researching shipbuilding. Naval melee units heal in neutral territory. Units ignore additional movement costs from embarking and disembarking. This can further help to really position Noway as a ship based civilization that will rule the seas and terrorize anyone along the coast.

Unique Building

Norway can build the Stave church rather than a temple. The only real difference between this and a standard temple is that it will give the holy site adjacency bonuses if it is built beside any forests.

Unique Unit

Norway gets access to the berserker units rather than swordsmen. These units move quickly when they start their turn in the enemy territory, having four movement speed instead of 2. They also gain a +7 to combat strength when on the attack, but a negative seven when on the defense. These guys can also pillage tiles faster, using one less movement point per pillage.

With these bonuses and unique units in mind, Norway is going to excel in a military engagement and are well suited for going on the offensive as soon as possible and strive towards a domination victory. This will be even easier if many of the enemy capitals are located on the coast as well.