Tyranny Attribute Guide

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There are six attributes that will play a role in how your character is able to perform in Tyranny, and every time you level up you will get one point that you can spend on any of these six attributes. So what attributes are going to be most beneficial for your character type you ask? Well, here's a list showing what each will effect in game.

As the name would suggest, increasing your might will increase how strong you are, and thus how much damage you deal with basic attacks and most non magical abilities. On top of this when you increase your might you will be increasing your defenses against basic attacks.

Finesse will increase your character's accuracy in combat. This is most useful if you are playing a ranged character, either with spells or with bows or throwing weapons. The more accuracy you have, the more chance you have to hit and cause critical hits as well.

Quickness determines how quickly your spells and abilities will come off cooldown and be ready to be used again. This means it's best invested in if you are playing a type of character that will require a lot of blows to bring down an enemy, such as a mage, archer, or a rogue type fighter.

Vitality effects both how much health you will have, but also your will defense which is used against magic damage. This can make it both an incredibly important skill for any warrior on the front line, but also a solid secondary attribute for anyone else, since more health is never a bad thing.

Wits is Tyranny's version of intelligence from other RPG games like it. This is going to be your main attribute if you are a magic user for sure, but even if you aren't one it will also increase your chances of detecting traps and finding secrets. So it can be useful for a scout as well as a mage.

A high resolve will allow your character to withstand more attacks by increasing your defensive skills towards endurance, magic, and will. It is also important if you are using any affliction spells, as it will increase the duration of those specifically.

Now that you know what all of the attributes do in game, you should be better equipped to start creating your character and spending your attribute points correctly to get the kind of character you want to play.