Tyranny Character Creation Guide

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Tyranny throws a bit of a twist into the character creation that makes things a little more interesting. So how do you go about creating the best character you can for your playstyle?

Step 1)Choose how you look and your gender.

These options are purely cosmetic, so go with whatever you want for how you want your main character to look.

Step 2)Choose your history.
This is the backstory of your character, and will determine how you can respond to some conversations. The dialog options are all that this history will effect, so choose whatever you feel will best suit your character.

Step 3)Choose your expertise.

This is one of the more important aspects of character creation. You'll get to choose both a primary and a secondary specialization. Keep in mind, Tyranny is not at all limited to any sort of a class system, so these choices can always be changed as the game progresses, but you'll have an easier time of things if you choose wisely here. Decide what kind of a character you want to play throughout the game and choose an expertise that will match that. With each expertise you choose, you'll be given a choice of two different abilities to go with it as well, unless you choose a magical expertise, then you'll automatically learn one ability to go with it. Note, you can choose to have both your primary and secondary skills be the same and you'll get extra bonuses towards those skills.

Step 4)Choose your banner and name.

Again, these are just cosmetic choices, so pick anything you like here.

Step 5)Choosing your attributes.

These attributes are going to be very important in how your character plays. Not sure what they all do? Check out my guide here on attributes in Tyranny!

Step 6)Choose your skills.

Your skills are going to determine what it is that your character is going to be good at. If you plan on focusing on one type of weapon it might be a good idea to dump a bunch of points into that weapon right off the start, but make sure not to neglect your supporting skills as well. Dodge and parry are both going to be important when dealing with either melee or ranged attacks. Athletics is used to intimidate people. Lore is just general knowledge that you can often use in conversations to sway things in your favor, and subterfuge can also be used in conversations by deceiving people, as well as finding hidden items and opening locked containers.

Step 7) Decide how your character helped in the conquest of the tiers.

Now that your character is created, it's time for the twist in the creation process. Now you get to choose how your character acted during the final years of the conquest of the Tiers. These decisions matter, and some will even grant you special abilities or titles that will change the outcome of how things will play out in game. There are no right or wrong options in conquest mode, choose to do whatever you feel your character would have done.

The conquest mode is a nice touch that really allows you to create your own backstory for your character in this game, there is an option to skip it and do a quick start, but I'd highly recommend trying this out on at least your first play through.