The Master Guide To Artifacts In Tyranny

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Tyranny introduces a kind of interesting system for how artifacts work. These are the weapons and armor that are the best of the best, if you can collect a few of these artifacts and grow their reputations, you will be unstoppable.

Obtaining the artifacts.
The first thing you are going to need to do to use an artifact, is to either find it, or create it! Here's a handy list on which artifacts can be created, and where you can find others.


- Deathbringer, Heart's Blood, Snowfang, and The Baneward need to be researched at any of the Spires and then manufactured.
- Azure Shield: Found at Gulfglow Oldwalls, possessed by Red-Fang.
Staff of Cairn: Harvest a piece of Cairn during Securing The Sea in the Stone Sea.
- Dauntless: Requires completing Undaunted, Relic Hunter, and then Bound by the Blade. It will be found at the Infested Oldwalls.


- Scales of Mercy and Hierarch's Robes need to be researched at any of the Spires and then manufactured.
- Steadfast Insignia: Found at Oldwalls Breach during A Breach Between Worlds.
- Binding of Shadows is taken from Bleden Mark.

Gaining reputation for your artifacts
With Tyranny, your artifacts will actually gain in strength the more you use them to accomplish truly legendary things. Try to craft your artifacts as soon as possible, and use them often in order to see their reputation grow. The higher their reputation rises the more effective their activated abilities will become.