How To Take The Outer Valley In Tyranny

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Once you have proclaimed the edict, you would be wise to conquer the outer valley before you proceed with the battle of Echocall. But before you do that, go and speak with the grand marshal outside the Archon's tend in order to recruit Barik into your party to help out.

Step 1)Speak to the Fifth Eye in the Scarlet Chorus camp.

Travel to the Scarlet Chorus camp and speak to the fifth eye. He will ask you to interrogate a prisoner that they have tied to a post in the middle of camp. During the interrogation you'll be introduced to Lantry, a sage that you can also recruit into your party. You can do this by either requesting he be given to you, which will cause some anger, or being his champion for his trial. You can also have him sent to the Voices of Nerat if you prefer. Either way, you'll learn the location of the rebel base.

Step 2)Kill or capture the rebel leader.

Speak with Fake Limp when you enter this area, and he'll offer to help with capturing Florian once you've taken care of things. Proceed onward, there are two groups of enemies you'll have to deal with on the way and they'll have a few traps laying in wait for you as you go as well, but shouldn't be too hard to deal with. Once you get to Pelox Florian you can convince him to surrender without a fight with a high enough subterfuge skill, or with the right picks during the conquest.

Step 3)Fight your way out.

If you convinced him to surrender, then Fake Limp will come to you and offer to escort him back to camp. Once he takes off with him, the patrols come back and you'll have to fight through another group of enemies to get out of here. Once they are eliminated the outer valley is yours.

Now that you've retaken the valley, you can move on to your conquest in the battle of Echocall!