Watch Dogs 2 Nethack Guide

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If you have played any of the Assassin's Creed games then the 'Nethack' ability will probably already be pretty familiar to you. Basically, nethack is eagle eye vision from those games. It will highlight people, hackable objects, and anything else of interest really.

Highlighting People

People are going to show up bright red on your screen as long as you have the nethack ability activated, use this to keep an eye on guards and watch where they go and what their patrol route will be. Knowing how people are going to move before you enter an area can be very helpful.

Highlighting hackable objects

Any object you can hack into will be showing on the screen highlighted in blue. Knowing what you can hack and what it will do will greatly assist you in all situations, be it a stealthy entrance, eliminating a guard, or making a hasty escape.


Your current objectives are also going to be highlighted when you use the nethack vision as well, so if you're ever having trouble finding where you need to go, use this and things should light up for you.

Keep checking your nethack vision anywhere you go, you'll be guaranteed to find some interesting things in your travels!