Fix 100% Disc usage by System service

windows 10 Task Manager Storage Command Prompt WPR
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Since the last windows Update system service has been using more hdd than before, these steps can help you reduce it.

Temp fix via Command prompt
right click start button
choose command prompt (admin)
type wpr-cancel and press enter


Temp fix via services
Task Manager> Services> Find DiagTrack > right click and **STOP**

both of these require you to re enter the fix after a restart. It will survive a normal shutdown/restart

Permanent fix

right click start button
choose command prompt (admin)
type sc stop DiagTrack and press enter
type sc delete DiagTrack and press enter

Then open Task Scheduler; under Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft delete the following items:

Everything under “Application Experience”
Everything under “Autochk”
Everything under “Customer Experience Improvement Program”
Under “Disk Diagnostic” delete only the “Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticDataCollector”

Of course this caveat ALWAYS applies: Make proper backups before applying.

this fix won't fix all cases of 100% disc usage, just the recent one :)