How to Beat Watch Dogs 2 A Walk In the Park

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A walk in the park is one of the first missions you will be given when you start your adventure into the world of Watch Dogs 2. It really is a bit of a walk in a park to complete, and I mean that literally, but here's how you'll get through this mission.

Step 1) Download the Nudle Maps app.

Firstly, you must turn on your phone and open the App store. Download the Nudle Maps App and run it. This is going to be your map of the game world. Pick a shop/booth with clothes and use quick travel to head over there. Do some shopping while you're there if you like, so you can customize how your character looks a bit.

Step 2)Head to the HQ of the hackers.

Talk to them and use the new App ./Research that this will give you access to. This is going to be how you go about getting skills for your character, and specializing them how you'd like. Take some time to look through the skills you can get and decide how you want to play from here.

Step 3)Arm yourself.

You are going to want a weapon before you really get going, so approach the 3D printer to construct the jumper, which is a pretty basic stun pistol. Afterwards, talk to Horatio and walk up to the screens with the followers. Use another App, DedSec, and chose one of the main operations.

Step 4)Discover a side operation.

Head over to Dolores Park and then use the NetHack. Your goal is to reach the person highlighted in orange and to have a conversation with him/her. This will unlock further main and side operations for you.

That should be all you need to really get started now, get going on those main operations hacker!