Where To Find All The Unique Vehicles In Watch Dogs 2

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Located in Watch Dogs 2 are a couple of unique vehicles that you can only ever find one of each in a specific location. This guide is going to show you where each of these vehicles can be found.

Step 1)A video guide.

Rather than trying to explain where each and every one of these are found, here is a handy video guide from youtuber HarryNinetyFour which will show the location of each in a quick ten minute video. Click Here to go directly to this video.

Step 2)A quick run down of locations.

The Mountain King - Across the street from Hackerspace in Oakland
The Wrecker - In a storage container in the port of Oakland
Bio Hazard Truck - Across from the large ctOS data center on Yerba Buena Island
Ice Cube - in the campground near Kirby Cove in Marin County
The Flip Wagon - north of the park next to the Painted Ladies in San Francisco
The Rainbow Missile - Behind a locked gate in San Mateo
The Dangerzone - SVRN plaza between Stanford University and the Nudle complex in Silicon Valley.You'll need to use your RV Jumper to break into the garage and get it.

Step 3)Hack and get into the cars.

Once you find the vehicle you're looking for, hack it so an alarm doesn't go off when you steal it and hop in. Once you've gotten into the vehicle once you can call it to your location for free at any time using the Car on Demand app.