Windows 10 Creators Update Privacy Guide

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Windows 10 became just as well known for its lack of privacy as it did for improving the PC experience. Microsoft were made painfully aware of our dissatisfaction with this state of affairs so promised to make changes in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Were they good at their word? Have things improved? Here is my Windows 10 Creators Update privacy guide that answers those questions.

Windows 10 Creators Update
The first thing to note is that the privacy settings differ depending on how you install the Windows 10 Creators Update. If you manually install it using the Microsoft Installation Assistant, all your settings default back to on. If you wait for Windows Update to do it itself, it honors the existing settings.

Once downloaded, the Windows 10 Creators Update installs in around 15 minutes. When installation is complete and your computer rebooted, you are presented with a familiar looking setup screen. One of which is privacy settings. It is very similar to the original screen for vanilla Windows 10 but with fewer options.

What has changed is how privacy information is presented and how much data is collected. Before, there was a cursory explanation that felt as though it was meeting its legal obligations rather than being truly helpful. That has now changed. On the initial setup screen, items are explained and feature a Learn more option.

Those options have also been pared down as Microsoft has reduced the amount of data it collects. According to Microsoft it now ‘only collects data vital to the operation of Windows’. Microsoft has also outlined basic level data collection and what it means. More detail from Microsoft can be found here.

Control over Windows 10 privacy
If you navigate to the Settings app after installing Windows 10 Creators Update and venture into Privacy, you will now see more settings than before. Each entry on the left offers better explanations of the options and more control over what is shared and even when in some cases.

Has privacy improved with the Windows 10 Creators Update?

It seems Microsoft have been listening to users. The many, many complaints about privacy in Windows 10 have not fallen on deaf ears. While all settings are toggled on by default when setting up the Creators Update after a manual install, they can quickly be toggled off and you can get on with your day.