How to use Dynamic Lock to secure Windows 10

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Want to know how to use Dynamic Lock to Secure Windows 10? Interested in enhancing desktop security without having to do anything?

A neat feature the Windows 10 Creators Update brings with it is Dynamic Lock. For Windows users in shared environments or those who like to keep their computer secure, Dynamic Lock enables you to use your phone to lock the computer automatically as you walk away.

Dynamic Lock uses Bluetooth. It pairs with your phone and as soon as your phone goes out of range the computer locks itself. It’s a neat feature that offers a little more security for very little effort.

Configure Dynamic Lock to secure Windows 10
To make this work you will need a computer with a Bluetooth dongle and a phone. First we need to pair the two and then we can set up Dynamic Lock.

1. Navigate to Settings, Devices, Bluetooth & other devices on your computer.

2. Toggle on Bluetooth on both your computer and phone. The toggle switch in the Settings window does it for the computer. Your phone will vary.

3. Select the ‘+’ icon to add a Bluetooth or other device. A popup window will appear.

4. Select Bluetooth and then select your phone when it appears in the popup window. This might take a second or two as the computer searches for your phone.

5. Follow the pairing wizard.

Activate Dynamic Lock to secure Windows 10
Now your two devices are paired, we need to activate Dynamic Lock.

1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and Sign-in options on your computer.

2. Check the box next to ‘Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device’. This will enable the computer to lock as soon as it loses the Bluetooth signal from your phone.

3. Test by walking away with your phone.

In theory, this should be enough to lock your screen. As you walk away, your screensaver should kick in after 30 seconds. As you return, hit the space bar or touch the screen to access the lock screen and log in as usual. Yes that’s right. Dynamic Lock just locks. It won’t unlock when you return, you have to do that manually!