How to use picture in picture in Windows 10

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One minor feature the Windows 10 Creators Update brings with it is the introduction of picture in picture mode. It will enable all UWP apps, once they have been updated anyway, to pop-out and play alongside your primary applications in a smaller window. Currently only available with the Movies & TV app, more will likely come soon.

For now, the only app I know of that works properly is Microsoft’s own Movies & TV app. Skype is also said to have picture in picture but I couldn’t get it to work. Your mileage may vary of course. Presumably other UWP-compatible apps will follow soon.

For now Movies & TV is it. If you have the Windows 10 Creators Update, try this to use picture in picture mode.

1. Open the Movies & TV app within Windows 10. The app will open maximized in the main window.

2. Select the media you want to play and begin playback. While the app opens in the Store, you can also right click your own media and select ‘Open with…. Movies & TV’.

3. Select the small screen icon in the bottom right next to the three dots menu. The screen should shrink into the top right of your screen.

4. Drag and drop the screen into your preferred position. Playback should continue once you let go of the cursor.

As the time of writing, no other UWP apps work with picture in picture in Windows 10. Hopefully that will quickly change as it is a very neat feature!