Configuring Yahoo Email Imap in Outlook

Configuration SMTP Outlook 2010 Yahoo Mail
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I know a few years ago yahoo made changes to configuration to outlook 2010 and a lot of people was having troubles getting the issue solved, without having to upgrade.
I know i still use 2010 word Professional as to be truthful I get sick and tired of having to sign into and out of them via the browser.

To setup a yahoo account in outlook 2010 without UPGRADING to Yahoo! Mail Plus... Just Follow these simple steps

1.When you first open outlook 2010 it will ask you to setup an email account

2.Select to manually setup server settings

3.Type your name, then your email

4.Under account type select "IMAP"

5.Under incoming mail server write ""

Under outgoing mail server(SMTP) write ""

6.In logon information under user name (NOTE:If your email id is just write xxxx(Do Not Include if your email id is or, write your email as it is.

7.Now type Your password same as that of your Yahoo! Mail email id.

8.Go to more settings located at the lower right corner.

9.In more settings select the outgoing server tab and check to require authentication.

10.Now select the advanced tab and do the following "Incoming Server (IMAP) : 993" "encryption type: SSL" "Outgoing Server (SMTP) : 465" "encryption type:SSL" Click OK.

Now this will send a test mail and you'd be right to send and receive mail again.

11.Check The Box to allow it to test account located at the right

12.Click next and you are done setting up the account, click finish