Low FPS while using msi gaming motherboard

Gtx GPUs Low FPS
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Hello i am here to explain how i solved my issue with low fps on a high end gpu. Now many people will ask about my specs so in that case i will include them. Remember what i say by the end of this post the issue turned out to be stupid.

To begin I was building a new pc using an i5 6600k with a msi gtx 1070 gaming x 8gb gpu, 650w psu, and a msi gaming m5 motherboard. I built my pc thinking i was going to crush fps on 1080p ultra settings however, it turned out to be different i started getting high fps on the start of every game and going in the fps dropped significantly to what it should be. at first i thought the issue had been a driver issue so i cleaned my pc from all the drivers i had downloaded using (ddu) a software that cleans all nvidia/amd drivers. i thought hey that will do the trick so i jumped back into my games and the same thing happened fps was low and i was having a hard time, so i did more research and some were talking about cpu bottlenecking so i did many tests and found nothing so i was sure it was an issue the graphics card it self and sent it back for RMA. when i got the card back i thought i should have amazing performance and guess what it didnt work either so i called msi support again and told them about the issue they offered to give me another card. while that was happening i did more search about bottlenecking and some people were talking about having their cpu stuck on some sorts of mhz so i checked mine and viola it was indeed. i opened my bios and it was saying it was at 0.80 ghz or 800mhz so i wondered why is this happening and apparently it was a switch on the motherboard all along and was limiting my cpu from performing properly bare in mind that all temps were great. so i opened my computer and found out that yes the switch was on slow mode so i switched that thing off and there we go everything is perfect

NOTE: if you are buying an msi gaming motherboard z170 look at that switch and turn it off for best performance

here is a link of a pic of what a turned off slow switch should be like http://imgur.com/a/mPUDb