A guide to how to fix Stuck on Windows 10 Welcome Screen

windows 10 loading Video stuck welcome
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Here is a video on how to get past the stuck Welcome screen.

First try entering a PIN. If your not sure if you are entering your password correctly or not, you will want to try entering a PIN. The PIN always immediately tells you if it is the wrong pin.

The incorrect password will tell you WELCOME before it actually tells you its the wrong password and it could mislead you.

If you have the time, you could try each one of the steps in this video. If not, and you have a recent restore point; you could skip to the end of the video where it tells you how to load a restore point.

If you do not have a restore point, you may have to end up using the reset system settings option in the startup repair options.

Its not the most high quality production, but the troubleshooting steps are in the correct order if you want to try one thing at a time before resetting or restoring.