Converting Nokia 6 TA-1000 (Chinese) to TA-1025 (International)

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This tutorial is for those who accidentally(or not) have the Chinese version of Nokia 6 (TA-1000) and not happy with their ROM.
Some (like me) got it with some custom ROM that added google apps before official release.
It had many issues and no updates.
Others might not like the customized Android for the Chinese market with awful default (not all replaceable) apps.

At the end of the process:
  • the phone will be identified as TA-1025
  • Almost stock Nokia's Android (7.1.2 ATM soon to be updated to Oreo)
  • the phone will receive official Nokia OTA

Known limitations:
So far, I've found only one issue - After the conversion, the Device Name value in About Phone, has changed to "unknown".

Flashing ROM can go wrong.Following the steps below is at your own risk.