How Do You Set Up An Apple TV?

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Setting up an Apple TV is an easy process. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. Once you have your Apple TV, personal internet, HDMI cable (preferably 2.0), and a TV or any other device with an HDMI port, you are all set!

Plug In The Device Into Power

This would be the first step you need to take in order to set up the Apple TV. Moreover, if you wish to use ethernet for an internet connection, just use an RJ45 cable to connect the Apple TV with your router.

Connect Your Other Devices

Use an HDMI cable to plug the Apple TV in your TV device. For Apple TV 4K, please ensure that an HDMI 2.0 cable is used. However, in case you are using an HDMI switch box or a receiver, use an HDMI cable in order to plug the Apple TV into the switch box or the receiver. Again, for Apple's 4K TV, ensure that the receiver supports an HDMI 2.0 cable or later. At last, use another HDMI cable in order to connect the switch box/receiver to your TV.

Look For the Setup Screen

The setup screen can be seen by turning on the TV as well as the switch box or the receiver. If you are not seeing the screen, you might have to select the input that you chose to connect the Apple TV to.

Connect The Remote

Simply press the remote Touch Surface. This will connect the remote to your devices.

Pick Your Language

Swipe over the remote Touch Surface. This will enable you to choose both your region and the language. Simply click on an option in case you want to set up a specific language.

Use Other Devices or Your iPhone to Set Up

If you want to transfer saved settings from a different iOS device, choose the Set Up with Device option. Then follow the steps on the Apple TV and iOS device.

One Home Screen Option
By signing into iCloud, you get an option to keep your Home screens and apps the same within all the Apple TVs you own. To do so, "Match Home Screens" has to be chosen after you get a message, asking you whether you want the option.

Everything you need to do next is choose settings regarding screensavers, location services, as well as analytics sharing. Later on, use the famous App Store and find the apps and games you want to download.