How to Set Up HomeKit with Apple TV?

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By this time, you might be aware that you can control electronic appliances in your house, thanks to the Apple HomeKit technology. Well, it is a tested secure framework to adjust the settings of the HomeKit enabled devices (e.g. Elgato's Eve Room) to your liking, by connecting them to your iOS device via your home Wi-fi.
But, what happens when you go out? Well, it turns out that if you have an Apple TV, you can do just that even when you are out!
No need of buying hi-tech gadgets or remote controllers anymore, simply configure HomeKit with your Apple TV and control all the HomeKit enabled devices from your fingertips or by commanding Siri, even when you are out.
Setting up your Apple TV with HomeKit has never been easier, here is how.
  • Set Siri Up?Make sure you have configured Siri with your HomeKit accessories and Set up rooms and zones.
  • Turn On Two Factor Authentication?If it is already on, turn it off and back on.

On Mac –
1. Go to System Preferences and open iCloud

2. Click on Account Details, select the Security tab, and click Set-Up Two Factor Authentication" class="img lazy">

On iOS Devices –
1. Go to Settings and select iCloud" class="img lazy">
2. Click Password and Security and Turn Two Factor Authentication On" class="img lazy">" class="img lazy">
Make sure you turn the iCloud Keychain on either device you are using.

Configure Your Apple TV
Follow these simple steps to set your Apple TV up with HomeKit
1. Switch your Apple TV on and go to Settings" class="img lazy">
2. Click Accounts" class="img lazy">
3. Check whether you are logged into the correct iCloud account (Always advisable to log out and log back in)" class="img lazy">
Once you are logged in to your iCloud, within the matter of a few minutes, Apple TV will automatically configure itself as a hub to control all your HomeKit enabled devices. Simply take your iOS device or Mac and command Siri to adjust and control all your HomeKit enabled devices from wherever you are.