Fix A Freezing Apple TV

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An Apple TV is considerably a new device that is of the size of your palm. It connects to a television set with the help of HDMI cable. It comes with a small and simple remote with just three buttons connecting to the wireless of your home, bringing the internet video on to your TV set.
However, it is being increasingly observed that Apple users are facing the issue of a frozen and unresponsive device when it comes to an Apple TV. The Apple TV4, though an improvement over the last model, Apple TV2, has been developed with tvOS a new operating system. Users seem to be facing this issue due to the new operating system as well as a decline in the quality of Apple TV.
The biggest flaw besides many others is that Apple TV sometimes just freezes, and the user has to restart the device. The three ways in which you can have your Apple TV restart is to go to Settings to restart, with the help of the remote or unplug the TV from power.

Steps To Restart The Apple TV
  • Restart Apple TV4 by forceIf you are using Settings to restart the frozen Apple TV4 you can go to Settings > System > Restart.When the Apple TV freezes you can use the Siri remote and force start the Apple TV. When you hold the Home button and Menu button for six seconds, the light on the base of the Apple TV starts flashing allowing the TV to restart when the buttons are released. This process usually takes 30 seconds but if the device is running on tvOS 9.2 it might take a little longer. At times it is observed that the home screen remains frozen even after the Apple TV has restarted.
  • After Restarting Apple TV Fix the Frozen Home ScreenThe frozen home screen can be easily fixed. You just need to wait for around a minute clicking the Siri remote touchpad. By navigating the home screen, you can restart your Apple TV.
  • Unplug the Apple TVIn case you are unable to restart the Apple TV from the Settings Menu or with your remote the next option is to unplug the Apple TV. Plug it back after a few seconds.
  • Switch Off tvOS Automatic UpdatesTvOS automatically updates, by default. Thus, it is recommended to switch off the automatic update system through Settings > System > Software Updates.It is lately being observed that tvOS comes with more defects than the earlier versions. Although Apple has fixed some problems some more issues just keep getting created. It is best to do some research on the model you already have instead of updating to newer models of Apple TV.