How to Customize or Add Keyboard Shortcuts On MacBook Pro

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Keyboard shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite apps or frequently used options within them quickly and easily. The fact is, every time you take your fingers off the keyboard to use mouse or trackpad, some amount of time is wasted in the process. Also, when you use trackpad or mouse to launch an app or any of its option, you may have to navigate through several menus, windows, and tabs.

With the help of keyboard shortcuts, you can start your favorite apps or access their options directly by pressing a few keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

Although Mac operating systems already have some keyboard shortcuts pre-assigned to the commonly used apps or the commands within those apps, if you want, here’s how you can customize these existing shortcuts or create your own to ease your daily tasks:

Customize Existing Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Get to the keyboard shortcuts tabClick the Apple logo from the top-left corner, click System Preferences, click Keyboard, and click the Shortcuts tab on the Keyboard window. This takes you to the keyboard shortcuts tab. From here you can customize the existing shortcuts (that are already assigned to the apps or commands), or create your own.
  2. Enable Edit ModeSelect a category from the left pane of the Shortcuts tab (Launchpad & Dock for this example), and click the shortcut for the command/app you want to edit from the right pane (Turn Dock Hiding On/Off for this example). This makes the shortcut field editable, thus allowing you to enter a new keyboard shortcut. Make sure to click the shortcut itself, and not the name of the app/command.

Press the keys together you want to use as shortcut for the object while the cursor blinks inside the blank field (Command + SHIFT + L for this example). This assigns the pressed key combination as a shortcut key to the command (to open Launchpad for this example). From this point onward, you can press the assigned shortcut key to get to Launchpad without clicking its icon on the Dock.

Add a New Keyboard Shortcut