How to Make macBook Pro Fan Quieter

Macbook Pro Fan
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After using your MacBook Pro for a while, if its fan gets noisy, some background processes or apps might be consuming additional hardware resources like RAM or CPU of your computer. Sometime even the hefty programs that are set to initialize at the time of user’s login make the fan run faster, thus making a lot of noise.

Here’s how you can locate and quit the unnecessary apps or processes, and keep non-useful apps from initializing at user login to make your MacBook Pro fan quieter:
Part 01: Quit Unnecessary Apps
  1. Launch Activity MonitorClick Go from the Menu Bar at the top, click Utilities from the menu that appears, and double-click Activity Monitor from the Utilities window. This launches Activity Monitor with the CPU tab selected by default. Here you can find all the active apps and processes along with the amount of resources (processor on the CPU tab) of your computer they’re consuming.
  2. Select the resource intensive appCheck % CPU column and click the app with the highest number. This selects the app that is consuming the CPU most (FaceTime for this example). You can also go to other tabs like Memory, Energy, Disk, or Network to view their corresponding statistics as well. These statistics may help you decide which apps you should quit as per your priority and usage.

Click the troublesome user (that makes the fan make noise upon logging in) from the left pane, click the Login Items tab from the right pane, select an unnecessary app (iTunesHelper in this example) from the list, and click the sign from the bottom. This removes the selected app from the list. Upon removal, the app would no longer initiate when your computer starts and the selected user logs in, thus decreasing the processing and RAM usage and reducing fan noise.
Note: Repeat the process to remove other unnecessary apps from the list as well.