How to Disable Automatic App Updates In Windows 10

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Note: This tutorial should not be confused with disabling Windows 10 automatic updates. This tutorial focuses only on preventing Microsoft Store apps from updating automatically.

There should be absolutely no reason to keep Windows 10 apps from updating unless you have capped Internet connection with extremely less data limit, you’re comfortable with the current version of the app, you want to test some app or settings, or there are some major compatibility issues. Simply put, you may want to disable automatic app updates for the same reasons as those for your Android or iOS devices.

Here’s how automatic app updates can be disabled in Windows 10:
  • Launch Microsoft StoreType MICROSOFT STORE in the Cortana search box, and click Microsoft Store from the Best match list (or press Enter). This launches the Microsoft Store app. From here you can get the most updated versions of the apps for your Windows 10 PC, manually initiate the app updates, control the behavior of the Microsoft Store app itself, etc.
  • Get to the Settings windowClick the See more icon from the top-right corner, and click Settings. This opens the Settings window. From here you can manage all the settings for the installed apps and Microsoft Store itself.
  • Disable automatic updates