How To Install Zoo Tycoon 2 In Windows 10 (The Easy Way)

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Blue Fang Games came up with the beautifully graphic game of Zoo Tycoon 2 which has been gaining immense popularity since its release. You can now download it easily into your PC. Remember to keep enough space ready though!

Having trouble downloading the game? Here's how you can employ easy steps to end up with Zoo Tycoon 2 in Windows 10, in order to maximize your entertainment time.

1. Click on Setup " class="img lazy">
Before working with any game, it is essential to finish the setup. After you have downloaded your game, find it in the folder in which you have accepted to download the file, if bought online. It will be named as setup.exe. If you are using a CD, then just go to the drive and double click on the title of the game. The image of the window below will open.

2. Click on Change " class="img lazy">
The path of the game will be there in the top box showing where exactly you’re downloading the game. If you do not want to save it in the displayed folder, you can change the path by clicking on the 'Change' option which is the third option in the setup. Here you can select the Folder of your choice by sifting through the two Folder boxes. Click on 'Ok' if you have made your changes or 'Cancel' if you have changed your mind.

3. Click on Install " class="img lazy">
The image above is the setup window which shows three options. The box above these options will show the data of the storage space in the C drive and how much is required to save the game. If the game can be installed, then a line saying the same error will be displayed. In order to install the game, click on the second option which is - Install.

4. Wait for the Install to finish " class="img lazy">
You will see a window with the installation bar and the percentage of the game installed. Wait for 100% which will take around two minutes or so while enjoying the display of the snaps of the game and what is awaiting you after the installation. The yellow line moving forward will show you the amount downloaded.

5. Click on Continue " class="img lazy">
The game's first interface page will open with the title displayed after the game has been downloaded in the PC from the CD. A line will be blinking on the page with the words 'Click on Continue'. In order to proceed ahead, click on this line.

6. Make a profile

The image above shows the window which will pop up. Now all you have to do is make a gamer profile before you can start the main game play.

Hopefully, this tutorial helped you installing this game. Have fun with building your own zoo!