How to Backup and Restore BCD File In Windows 10

Windows Boot Configuration Backup windows 10
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Because the BCD or Boot Configuration Data file is one of the major elements that is essential to boot Windows 10 normally, it is important to create its backup copy and keep it at a safe place on your PC.

Where backing up the BCD file is easy and can be done from within Windows itself, you’ll most likely need to restore it when Windows fails to boot correctly. In such a case, you must start your PC in Command Prompt, and then use the required commands to restore the file back.

Here’s how you can backup and restore the BCD file in Windows 10:

Back Up BCD File
  1. Get to elevated Command PromptType CMD in the Cortana search box, right-click Command Prompt from the Best match list, click Run as administrator, and click Yes in the User Account Control confirmation box. This opens the elevated Command Prompt window. This window gives you unrestricted access on your Windows 10 computer, and any command typed here is executed without any obstructions or further intervention.

Type EXIT in the Command Prompt window, press Enter, and click Continue on the Choose an option window. This restarts Windows 10 in normal mode. You can continue using Windows from there.