Create and Use a YUMI USB Drive to Install Windows 10

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YUMI or Your Universal Multiboot Installer is a free tool that allows you to create a bootable installation USB drive. A single YUMI drive can contain installation files for multiple operating systems, thus eliminating the need of having a separate disc for each.

However, although YUMI is an open-source (free) tool, you may have to buy a licensed copy of the operating system (Windows 10 for this example) you want to create an installation YUMI USB drive for.

Things you need to create a Windows 10 installation YUMI USB drive include:
  1. Internet connection
  2. Windows 10 ISO image
  3. 8 GB USB drive formatted with FAT 32 (or NTFS)

Leave the YUMI USB drive you just created connected to your computer, reboot your computer with the USB drive, use the Up or Down arrow key to select the Windows Installers option, press Enter, select Install Windows-10-1803 (name may vary as per your Windows 10 version and/or the ISO file you have), and press Enter again. This begins Windows 10 installation on your PC. You can follow the on-screen instructions from there to continue installing the operating system normally.