How To Install Windows 10 With a Yumi USB Drive

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YUMI is an acronym that stands for Your Universal Multiboot Installer. It converts a basic USB flash drive into one that can hold multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities and more. It was initially created for Linux users, but it has proven to be beneficial to most operating systems. For instance, Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are all supported on YUMI and can therefore be installed. Below are simple steps showing how to install the Windows 10 operating system onto a computer using a YUMI USB drive:

Download a legitimate Windows Operating System ISO image. This is an image that’s an exact copy of an existing system. " class="img lazy">
Download and Run the YUMI software from their official website. Before all this, make sure that you have backed up all your data in an external disc or drive " class="img lazy">
A set up page will appear whereby the license agreement is presented. After reading, click on I Agree " class="img lazy">
Once you accept, another window will pop up. Follow step one and click on Show all devices . Select the USB flash drive that you will be using. An already formatted USB flash drive is recommended. The USB must be formatted via Fat16/ Fat32 so that the system is supported. " class="img lazy">
The next step to click on is Select a distribution . Here you are given a list of Operating Systems and other downloadable contents which are supported by the YUMI multiboot program. Select the Windows 10 installer. " class="img lazy">
Click on browse.. to select the ISO for the Windows 10 Operating System. Attach the ISO image and click Create to create the Operating System onto the USB drive. " class="img lazy">
After it is done creating, Restart the computer and be sure not to remove the flash drive. Boot your computer using the F12/esc/delete button. The boot key is different for most keyboards because of the variety of models that computers have. You can simply google what yours is.

A YUMI multiboot installer will appear, listing all the operating systems available. Select the Windows 10 Operating System and the Windows setup screen will appear. Select Install . " class="img lazy">
If you want to completely format your computer, you’ll be given an option to do that. You could simply delete the OS partitions that are presented to you. This will ensure that any malware that was present in the previous Operating System isn’t transferred to the new one.

The computer will reboot a couple of times, therefore make sure the computer is connected to a power source. This is necessary because if it goes off, it might cause the OS to crash and the whole process will have to be restarted. After those few steps, you will be able to switch operating systems at any time.