How to Repair EFI Bootloader in Windows 10

windows 10 Bootloader
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Your Windows 10 computer wouldn’t boot properly if the EFI bootloader is corrupt. Fortunately the bootloader problem(s) can be fixed easily using either Windows’ automatic repair or by running the repair commands in the Command Prompt window.
Both the methods are explained in detail below:
Method 01: Using Automatic Boot Repair
The first, and probably the best, approach to repair corrupt EFI bootloader in Windows 10 is by entering into Automatic Repair mode.
Here’s how:
  1. Enter into Automatic Repair modePower on your computer, as the boot files start to load, press the reset button. Repeat the process for two more times. In the third attempt, Windows automatically enters into the Automatic Repair mode, and diagnoses, detects, and attempts to automatically repair the corrupt bootloader file from there.

Type EXIT in the command window, press Enter, and click Continue on the Choose an option window. This closes the Command Prompt window, and restarts Windows 10 in normal mode. Upon successful restart, you can back up your data, create restore points, etc. to make sure the future errors, if they ever occur, can be fixed comparatively sooner and with less trouble.