Stardew Valley Story Quest Guide - A Favor For Clint

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Stardew is very much another virtual life for a lot of people out there, minus one or two weirdly absurd quests. Most of them have to do with dealing with families, and friends. The game is a put, a new and innovative twist on the whole real world fantasy game. The wealth of the quests is a strong reason why; the game has millions of user worldwide.

Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: A Favor For Clint
Quest Text: Clint got a new hammer and he wants to test it out on a variety of metals.
Provided by: Mail, Winter 17
Requirement(s): Bring Clint an Iron Bar.
Reward(s): 500g, 1 Friendship heart

You'll trigger this mission on the seventeenth of winter using your letterbox. Clint sends a letter requesting that you make an Iron Bar for him so he can experiment with another mallet.
Unless you get lucky and get an Iron Bar in some other way, for example, having a beast drop one - I've seen a Copper Bar dropped and I think an Iron Bar can be dropped as well - you'll need to make it all alone, using a Furnace. You'll require the following things to make your Iron Bar:

1. One bit of Coal. Coal is found by beating down rocks of which there are numerous on your homestead. You can also discover it in packs all through the Mines if you dig deep enough. Excepting that you can also make Coal in Charcoal Kilns if you have 20 Wood.
2. Five bits of Iron Ore. You can buy Ore from Clint, which appears somewhat scrappy or you can get it by diving into the Mines. More high amount Geodes at times contain Iron Ore, and you can mine it from rocks in the Mines once you get down to about level forty.
3. Put your fixings into a Furnace and sit tight for some time. Press Bars commonly take a couple of minutes, so you may be in an ideal situation setting the Furnace to work overnight and getting the Iron Bar toward the beginning of the day.

Take your Iron Bar to Clint. His schedule is entirely unsurprising - if he's not hanging out at the Blacksmith shop, then he is most likely at the Stardust Saloon. He'll give you 500 gold using your Journal for the Iron Bar. To collect your reward, you will need to open your journal (This can be done by either pressing J on your keyboard, or by clicking on the exclamation mark below the gold total. Once you are in the Journal, click on the reward at the bottom of your “A Favor for Clint.”

Stardew Valley “A Favor for Clint” Story Quest Guide, is another one of the real world quests, in the virtual world of Stardew. This will be a lot more difficult than the ones preceding it, but with a particular skill, and strategy this quest can be completed, if not, then the step by step guide is a good place to start.