What Is Facebook Error Code 11?

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Error Code 11 is an error you can get when trying to download/install or update Facebook on Google Play Store. It’s actually a Play Store error that isn’t necessarily linked to Facebook as it can happen with similar apps but seeing as the Facebook app has over 1 billion downloads, it’s not surprising that it’s most common occurrence is with Facebook.

As such, the fixes you’re about to do are going to be related to Google Play Store, but thankfully, they are all quick and easy. However, the cause of this error can be widespread so these fixes might not work for you, but they helped a lot of users, so give them a try. Here’s what you need to do to fix this pesky error.

  • Find and tap the Settings menu on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on Apps or Application manager (depending on your phone, some names might be different).
  • In the list of apps, find Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Now tap on Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Go back, and in the list of apps find Downloads (again the name might be different), and tap on it.
  • In here, also Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Now restart your device, and try to download or update Facebook app again.
  • If you’re still having problems, you can also try to uninstall the updates from Play Store. When you were clearing data and cache, in that same “place”, you can also tap on Uninstall updates and see if that fixed your issue.