Everything You Need to Know About Netflix on Chromecast

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Chromecast’s popularity is right up there with the likes of Apple TV and Roku streaming boxes. Getting the most out of the device comes down to a few common tips, regardless of generation. The information below will enhance your Netflix enjoyment and take it to the next level.

1. Users Can Cast Simultaneously

The user limit that locks simultaneous users to specific Netflix tiers is easily bypassed by using multiple Chromecast devices. Since the host only counts as one user, you can cast as many times as you want from the host device. The only limiting factor is the performance of the host device as each Chromecast connects. Any device with at least a quad core will be fine handling 3+ streams without noticeable stutter.

2. Having A Strong Connection Is Mandatory

You’re going to take two hits when watching Netflix content using a Chromecast. The first hit is from the host device, the second is from the connection being pulled from the Chromecast device. With HD content and other devices on the same modem/router, things can get bogged down on a weak connection. To keep things consistent, using a wired connection for all devices helps. If that isn’t an option, then try to stay on 5 GHZ connections.

3. Playing Downloaded Videos Takes Less Of A Hit

Being able to download Netflix videos has a lot of benefits for Chromecast users. The biggest is that it lowers a lot of the stress put on the router/modem when streaming to the Chromecast. Streaming HD/4k content directly from the hard drive to a Chromecast is a much smoother experience.

4. Google Home Now Has Netflix Support

Google’s voice activated device now has Netflix support. Once set up, you can fully control Chromecast Netflix watching without the use of a remote control. This is a handy setup for users with large media centers.

5. Joining The Chromecast Preview Program Grants Additional Features

Newer features that haven’t rolled out to stable builds of the Chromecast are only available by joining the Chromecast Preview Program. This is a lot different than beta testing, and is more along the lines of a sneak preview of newer features. Netflix users can benefit greatly from the program if they do a lot of high definition streaming. It is free to join and quite easy to set up.